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Meet James The CEO Of Veritas Buyers

About Veritas Buyers

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My name is James Anderson. My parents are hard-working people and I grew up learning to use my hands. My childhood was spent helping remodel homes, which meant my weekends were spent painting or plastering. I learned early that anything is possible if you're willing to put in the sweat equity. My family instilled in me the values of determination, honesty, and kindness. They also showed me the love for the outdoors and how to give back, such as leading a Boy Scout troop.

A few years ago, I realized I wanted to help people sell their unwanted Huntsville properties. At the time, I already owned a few rental properties and I reached out to some trusted advisers about transitioning to fixer-uppers. At the time, I had purchased one or two foreclosure properties and worked with a local construction crew to renovate the home. While working on these houses, I was surprised by how the neighbors thanked us for buying the homes and showing care and attention to properties that had been vacant and abandoned for years. I was blown away by the transformative effects of how restoration and renovation are embraced by the community and bring pride to the neighborhood.

I realized when I started Veritas Buyers We Buy Houses Huntsville AL, I wanted to help people who were stressed trying to get rid of unwanted property, but I also wanted to transform these buildings into warm and welcoming homes for new families. Our focus would be to keep to the true nature of a home rather than tearing it down. We've worked with a variety of people, ranging from historic commissions to hardwood restoration companies, in order to keep neighborhoods true to their character.

I believe my job is to help families in the Huntsville community and surrounding areas. I want to work with homeowners to find a win-win deal. Also, my unique talents and experiences have allowed me to specialize in helping people with the most difficult and problematic situations. Check out free a ultimate guide that I wrote for Huntsville.

About The Veritus Home Buying Team In Huntsville

Veritas Buyers is a local home buying team from Huntsville AL. We buy houses throughout Alabama with the goal of simplifying the overly-complex house-selling process for sellers like you. Hassle free, no-strings-attached, we believe selling a house should be as straightforward as a phone call, an in-person walk through, a handshake and then a cash offer. We buy houses with the purpose of turning them into an investment. Let us help you sell your home fast. We will take on that burden and walk you through the offer process.

Common Questions You Might Have:

We've listed common questions when homeowners inquire about selling to local home buyers.

How do house buying companies work?

We buy houses through a simple and streamlined process. We are cash home buyers.

 First, you can complete a FREE no-obligation fast cash offer form or call us with information about the house you want to sell. If the house meets our investment criteria, we arrange a time to tour the house. 

During the house walkthrough, will review if any repairs or changes are necessary, but we will not ask you to complete these repairs. Based on the information from the walkthrough, we can typically make you an offer immediately. 

Once we agree on a price, we can write up a contract and arrange the final steps with a professional title company. The title company handles the contract closing. Finally, after closing you'll receive your money and be done. Congratulations, you can now celebrate.

You can also check out our process here.

What are the benefits of Selling to a Cash Homebuyer?

What's great about working with a real estate investor/cash buyer like Veritas Homebuyers, is that we don't have the normal traditional fees. We promise to make the sale of your home  quick and easy.

By choosing sell to us, you will:

-Get a fair offer on your home in under 24 hours
-Avoid the traditional real estate hassles of listing with an agent
-Sell your home in just a few days instead of months
-Achieve the best possible outcome for your particular situation whether you're trying to stop foreclosure, divorce, selling a property while in probate, relocating because of a job, or other life situation.

Will you resell my information?

NO!  Some of the other home buyer websites end up selling your information to other real estate investors. We keep all your information private. Feel safe that when you contact us, you know that you will deal with Veritas Buyers. Here is a useful resource to help you not get scammed by other cash home buyers.

 Do you buy houses that need repairs?

Absolutely! We buy houses in Huntsville that need repairs. In fact, many of the houses we buy need repairs. Don't worry about the condition, we can handle any situation. Fill out our form if you need to sell a house fast that needs repairs in Huntsville.

Why do you buy houses?

We buy houses because we know that the traditional market doesn't always fit everyone's personal situations. If for some reason the individual has to sell the house fast, or they don't have enough funds to get their house market-ready that why we are here. We can buy the house fast and pay cash!

What type of homes do you buy?

We mainly buy residential properties of all types including:
-In any condition
-In any location
-In any price range

If I see a vacant/rundown house should I contact you?

Yes! If you see a house that is a condemned house or just a house that is ugly and it is nearby your house, tell us about it. We can make an offer on it and then remodel it if we buy it! This will help clean up your neighborhood and raise the value of your own house! (Learn more about condemned houses here)

Common Questions About Our Offer

What happens after I ask to receive and offer?

We will contact you to iron out the details on the sale of your home. Then we schedule visit to assess the value of your property and make you an offer within 24 hours. After that it is up to you to take the deal.

How do you come up with your offers?

We take a data driven approach that enables us to give you the most precise offer as possible. We look at the relevant factors that contribute to the final price such as the location, size, age, and condition. We also check the recent comparable sales in the area.

With us, you know you will get a fair market price but minus all the realtor fees and sale fees!

Are there any obligations with your offer?

Absolutely not! Like we have said our offers are free and no strings attached. What sets us apart from the other homebuyers is we will not harass you into taking the offer!

Do you have an inspector come do an inspection?

The answer is sort of! But, it isn't the traditional type of inspection you may be thinking of. We come take a look at the property and do an assessment personally versus having a third-party inspector come out.

But don't worry about doing any repairs because we will buy the house in as-is condition!

Common Questions About Our Sales Process

How long will it take to sell my house?

If you were to accept our offer it should only take about 7 to 14 days to close completely. An important note you get to decide when you want to close. Need to stay in the house for another week? That is okay, we can close after!

Will you charge me any fees?

No. We have a no fees and no fuss policy at Veritas Homebuyers. Unlike going through a real estate agent you can expect no fees from us. If you could sell your house fast and at the same price in the end (minus all the real estate fees) then why wouldn't you?

I've already listed  with an Agent what should I do?

We do not require or even suggest that you should list your house with an Agent because then they will get a commission from the sale.

However, if you have listed with an agent do not worry- we can still make an offer! We can work with your agent as laid out in  your pre-existing contract and still make an offer on your home. We ask that you inform us of this status when you make initial contact with us and provide us with your real estate agent's information.

Can you make a remote offer on my house?

Yes! We have made many remote offers on different houses. We can even make our remote answer over the phone.
Why Should We Be The Company To Buy Your House?

The Veritas Buyers Difference

beautiful family house with a grey roof and white walls with a lawn and trees after renovation by Veritas Homebuyers in Huntsville, AL
The question may come to mind, why is Veritas Buyers different from national home buyers or other local home buyers in Huntsville, Alabama? Let us tell you why.

Beyond our Core Values, our Team is tight-knit and multi-skilled. Together we are able to extend higher offers because of our well-defined process and timeline. We believe in our Team and output. Due to steady demand, our Team has expanded. Because of that growth, we can offer you more than competitive house-buying companies in the area.

It is surprising to realize you can sell your house without hiring a real-estate agent. Doing so can be complicated and overwhelming, but can save you money overall. We realize this. Our team members are professionals in the real-estate industry: brokerage owners, agents, general contractors. Trust the process to us. We are the missing link that you have been looking for. Avoid paying thousands of dollars in fees, agent commissions, administration fees, closing costs. Skip dealing with a buyer's bank loan and mortgage paperwork. You won't have to deal with back and forth or negotiations. Veritas Buyers wants to help save your money. Let us tour your home today and give you a same-day offer. This time next week, your house could be sold.

Ready To Move Forward And Sell Your House?
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