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We Buy Houses In Town Creek

Do you need to sell your house fast in Town Creek? Both the Seller and Buyer must benefit in a real estate deal. We eliminate the middlemen and put more cash in your pocket!

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Cesar Garcia 

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We buy Houses in Town Creek

When it comes to selling your house in Town Creek you might have realized that you have a few problems. First, you might be in a position that you need to sell fast and you can't wait for the traditional market. Second, your house might be in bad shape and you don't have the money to pay for the repairs. Lastly, you might not want the annoyances and fees of the traditional market. We get it! Here is how we solve these problems by:
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Sell Your House Fast

The way we can buy your house fast is because we can skip a lot of the fuss the traditional market has. We don't have the common buyer contingencies and we already have all the money up front. This cuts the banks out of the deal which speeds the process up!
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In Any Condition

One of the other things that speeds up whole process is that we buy you house just as it is. What this means for you is that you get to move out and avoid waiting for a contractor to fix your house up. Save your time and your money because we can take it from here.
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With No Fees No Fuss

With all the elements of our buying process are put together you end up with no fees and no fuss. Selling your house on the normal market is exhausting. Forget about hosting a open house, advertising your house online, and negotiating with stingy buyers.

Meet your Town Creek Homebuyer 

Cesar is the representative for the State of Alabama
Greetings! I am Cesar Garcia, your point of contact when you decide to sell your Huntsville property to us at Veritas.

The traditional real estate methodology mandates you to list your property with a realtor, crossing your fingers in anticipation of a potential offer over several weeks, if not months. This strenuous process can be bypassed by choosing Veritas Buyers We Buy Houses Huntsville AL; we provide a hassle-free, non-binding, and complete cash offer within a short span of just 24 hours!

Maintaining your house in a pristine show-ready state can be taxing and stressful for you and your family. Add to that the pressure of potential purchasers liking your property but being unable to procure a loan or the contingency negotiation, and the whole experience seems daunting.
House cleaning is no longer your responsibility - we've got you covered.

Let me guide you in our simple 3-step process, offering my expertise every step of the way.

My vision is to revolutionize the antiquated real estate selling process, customizing it according to your needs.

All our endeavors are driven towards elevating your experience with us and ensuring you receive the best service possible.

I warmly welcome you to the future of real estate - Veritas Buyers. Together, we will make the best property investment decisions.
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Cesar Garcia the CEO of Veritas Buyers

We Have an Easier Way To Sell Your Town Creek House

Sell To Us

No Sales Costs


No Realtor Fees (Save up to 6%)


Immediate Cash Offer


No Listings Or Open Houses


No Stress


Traditional Route

High Sales Costs


Realtor Fees up to 6%


Months of Uncertainty


Listings And A Number of Showings




How We Buy Houses In Town Creek:

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Schedule A Visit

We will come visit your property and take in the general condition and location. Based on the fair market price we will draw up a price
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Receive Your Fair Market Offer

After our visit we crunch some numbers and factor in all the relevant pieces of information to come up with a fair market price
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Sell Your House & Choose Your Date

As we have mentioned, we have the cash up front. If you decide to sell to us then prepare to choose your closing date of preference!

A Little History on Town Creek

Town Creek's original name was Jonesboro. Jonesboro was named after an early settler of the area, William Jones. The exact date remains uncertain, it is known as one of the first towns settled in Lawrence County. The first school was established in 1840 and was a one room school house. In 1870, the local Lodge called the Masonic Lodge donated space for expanding the school.  West of Town Creek was voted in 1871 to separate itself from Lawrence County because county the town representatives wouldn't build a bridge to connect it to Town Creek. This area would then become part of Colbert County. Town Creek was incorporated on March 8, 1875.

When comparing Town Creek to the rest of the country, the living cost of Town Creek is 24.5% lower than the U.S. average.

Key Hiramine greyscale in review

"Veritas is one of the few local direct cash house buyers in Huntsville. Richard has helped me on more than one occasion. Kind and caring people. They are highly professional and people of integrity! They do what they say they will do."

Kay Hiramine

portrait of Ben-DeCoudres on a white background. Review.

"I want to give Huntsville Home Buyers six stars, but google won't let me. Richard and team treated me like family. They were very professional and the transaction was easy. 
Highly recommend!"

Ben DeCoudres

portrait of Daniel Peng on a white background. Review.

"I called Veritas and to my surprise, I received a fair offer. I'm out of state and did not even need to fly to Huntsville. When I had questions, Richard always made himself available. If you want to sell your house without hassle, call this company."

Daniel Peng

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Why Choose Us?

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Selling your house is not always a walk in the park. That is why we have created our processes to make it as smooth as possible for homeowners just like you.

We get that your house may have sentimental value or that it is your biggest investment. That is why we vow to treat you and your family with respect and give you the best possible price that you could get. Even though we are based in Huntsville we can still buy your house in Town Creek AL.

We are a family based company that will treat your and your family with the respect that you deserve!

Ready To Move Forward And Sell Your House?
Fill Out The Form Or Call Us At 256-488-4055

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