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We Buy Houses In Owens Cross Roads

Do you need to sell your house fast in Owens Cross Roads? Both the Seller and Buyer must benefit in a real estate deal. We eliminate the middlemen and put more cash in your pocket!

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James Anderson

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We buy Houses in Owens Cross Roads

 Veritas Home Buyers is a real estate investment company in Huntsville, Alabama. We offer homeowners a quick and fair all cash offer allowing homeowners in Owens Cross Roads to sell their house in AS-IS condition so they can sell their homes quick and avoid costly repairs. We Buy Houses in Owens Cross Roads to help you liquidate quick.
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Sell Your House Fast

We will come by your Huntsville house and inspect it after we typically can make an offer within 30 minutes! If you're satisfied with our all-cash offer, the next step is sign the purchase agreement and choose a closing date. We help homeowners that are stuck!

In Any Condition

The best part of a all cash offer is you get to avoid the common contingencies related with a traditional real-estate process. We skip the Inspection Contingency which allows you to sell your house in any condition. You don't need to repair your house

With No Fees No Fuss

The traditional selling process comes with closing fees that run from 5 to 6% of the final selling price. By selling to us you get to skip the closing fees.  Example: Final Selling price: $200,000
Closing Fees: $10,000 - $12,000. You also get to skip a realtors commission

Meet your Owens Cross Roads Homebuyer 

James is the representative for the State of Alabama
Hey my name is James. I am the person you will meet if you sell your house to us in Owens Cross Roads. On the traditional market you could list your house with an agent and wait weeks or months for someone to make an offer. Instead, you could receive a no-obligation,  complete cash offer from Veritas Home Buyers within just 24 hours!

Keeping your house in a  show-ready state is demanding and stressful for you and your family. What is even more stressful is the perspective that the interested buyers might want your house but in the end they might not qualify for a loan. They may negotiate for a contingent offer that you cannot meet if your house has fallen to disrepair.
Why go through all that? We created our business because we realized the traditional market doesn't work for everybody.  We skip all the sale contingencies by making an as-is all cash offer. We buy houses in Owens Cross Roads and fix them.  So don't worry about cleaning, we can take care of that for you. 

I will walk you through our easy 3-step process and guide you during each step. Our goal is to reinvent the old, stuffy, traditional way of selling your house to better suit your needs. Customer experience is our top priority. Welcome to future of real-estate!

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James Anderson the CEO of Veritas Buyers

We Have an Easier Way To Sell Your Owens Cross Roads House

Sell To Us

No Sales Costs


No Realtor Fees (Save up to 6%)


Immediate Cash Offer


No Listings Or Open Houses


No Stress


Traditional Route

High Sales Costs


Realtor Fees up to 6%


Months of Uncertainty


Listings And A Number of Showings




How We Buy Houses In Owens Cross Roads:


Schedule A Free Consultation

We come to your home and check out your property and review your options. Take a few pictures and prepare our offer.

Receive A Fair Cash Offer

Receive your fair cash offer in a few days with no obligation or risk on your part. Our offers have no hidden fees.

Sell Your House & Get Your Cash

Choose the closing date that suits you. We will arrange with a third party title company handle the closing and payment transfer.

The Best Home Buyer In Owens Cross Roads

Are you needing a way out of owning a home in Owens Cross Roads? We can help! Sell your Owens Cross Roads house without stress. We'd like to buy your home directly, I'm confident we'll be able to make a fair cash offer.

We pay cash for homes, which makes the entire process fast and simple and allows you to skip the hassles of the traditional real-estate process. 

We are different than the other cash home buyers in Owens Cross Roads because we primarily buy the properties to fix and sell later. This means we can buy your Owens Cross Roads house for top dollar.  Most of the other cash home buyers in Owens Cross Roads buy properties to resell them at wholesale prices in as-is condition to other investors. This means they will make very low offers to compensate for the resell.
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"Veritas is one of the few local direct cash house buyers in Huntsville. Richard has helped me on more than one occasion. Kind and caring people. They are highly professional and people of integrity! They do what they say they will do."

Kay Hiramine

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"I want to give Huntsville Home Buyers six stars, but google won't let me. Richard and team treated me like family. They were very professional and the transaction was easy. 
Highly recommend!"

Ben DeCoudres

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"I called Veritas and to my surprise, I received a fair offer. I'm out of state and did not even need to fly to Huntsville. When I had questions, Richard always made himself available. If you want to sell your house without hassle, call this company."

Daniel Peng

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Sell Your Home To Owens Cross Roads
Nr. 1 House Buyers

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We know that is can be a tuff decision to sell your Owens Cross Roads house. But we would like you to rest easy knowing that we will treat you and your house with respect. We will maintain your anonymity and privacy.

Richard will walk you through the entire process all you have to do is choose closing date that is convenient for you. We understand that life is part of the equation, so we are here to help you by purchasing your house  if your house has little to no equity, you are moving closer to family and friends, your mortgage is overwhelming or any other type of life situation.

Veritas Home Buyers is a family-owned and treats all their clients like family! 

Overview of what to expect when selling your house in Owens Cross Roads

Owens Cross Roads is located in Madison County for many reasons to attract rich real estate opportunities. It is located not far from significant town areas, assuring any residents of steady growth.

First-time sellers have unique challenges when trying to sell a home in Owes Cross Roads. We can help you sell your home in Owens Cross Roads, AL, without you having to worry about the local housing market.

How can I sell my house fast in Owens Cross Roads, AL?

There are two common ways to sell your house: For cash and through the MLS. Selling your house through the MLS is the traditional route involving various steps to facilitate closing. 

A Graph To Show The Number Of Houses Sold And The Median Number Of Days House Were On Market In The Year 2022 In Owens Cross Roads Alabama

According to, the median days on the market of listed homes in Owens Cross Roads have gone down 20.5% from August 2022. This can result from a reduced inventory of listed homes or increased buyers.

Houses in Owens Crossroads are selling faster than before, and the median number of days on the market has decreased. In September of 2022, the low inventory and rising demand indicate a seller's market, as evidenced by the falling number of homes for sale.

It is an excellent time to sell your house in Owens Cross Roads, AL, which can be done through the traditional route or for cash. The traditional route entails several checklists that may take more of your time if you aren't ready.

Chart Showing The Process Of Selling Your House In Owens Cross Home Alabama And The Estimated Time It Takes On How Fast You Sell Your Home
How Fast You Can Sell Your Home In Owens Cross Roads, Al.

The conventional method might take up to months to sell your home, and because the housing market is unpredictable, you might wind up paying much more and must wait a very long period. How can you prevent this when you sell your home in Owens Cross Roads, Alabama?

We buy houses in Owens Cross Roads, AL

Veritas Buyers has a three-step process that assures you of a quick sale without compromising your house's market value. We don't work with third-party fix-and-flippers who often need a cut to ensure you get the best value for your house.

You can bypass the drawn-out, stressful process of a regular home sale and months of waiting with a cash sale. You can receive an offer in as little as 24 hours and leave with your money.

One benefit of a cash sale is that you won't need to engage a real estate agent or remodel your home if you work with Veritas Buyers. Contact us today to sell your house fast in Owens Cross Roads, AL.

Ready To Move Forward And Sell Your House?
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