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Who can help me sell my house today in Huntsville, Alabama?

James Anderson

September 13, 2020

The most basic way to sell your house faster is to have a complete understanding of a potential house buyer, or we can call it a buyer persona.

In a buyer persona, you note all the possible factors that the buyer would be considering while buying your house, such as the location, appearance, no. of rooms, etc.

We Buy Houses Fast Huntsville

Also, you need to keep in mind the places and platforms where you can find them or who they trust and are comfortable dealing with.

Now, to make it easier, we have listed down the top factors that will help you in selling your house quickly.

Improve/ Work on how your house looks!

The first impression is the last impression!

The good looks of a house play an important role when it comes to selling it. As no buyer would be interested in buying a house, that looks old or bad!

Therefore, you should focus on improving or enhancing your house aesthetics to leave a lasting impression on the buyer.

Now, do not just spend a lot of money on everything. By improving the looks, we mean that you work on the interiors and exteriors of your home or a "surface remodel."

Both the exterior and the interior have to look good enough for someone to consider it to be their new home.

We Buy Houses Fast Huntsville

Again, we recommend that you need to identify the changes that you need to make and spend money accordingly. If your house got painted recently then, do not paint it! If you have a lawn, then consider changing its fences or mowing your lawn. Also, fix everything that needs to be repaired, like leaky faucets, light fixtures, etc. Also, keep in mind that you have to keep the cost justifiable and reasonable for the buyer, as nobody would like an overpriced property.

Now, in some cases, these changes might be expensive, but you can always price your house to make up for everything, and when you put together an offer that fits the buyer's need, this will help in making a quick sale.

Get in touch with all the real estate agents in your area!

Once you have worked on the appearance of your house, then the second step is to get in touch with the real estate agents in your area.

Now, the most important part here is to associate with competent real estate agents. Getting a real estate license has become very easy, so there is a lot of real estate agents that are not competent in their field.

So, you need to identify and associate with the real estate agents who have a good selling record and know about all the tricks for selling houses at a good price.

Sell My Houses Fast Huntsville Alabama

Also, all good real estate agents have contacts of buyers who listen and trust them, and this increases the chances of selling your house faster.

So how to propose to a real estate broker for selling your house?

This is the next question that comes to mind, which is how will you propose to the real estate agents to sell your house?

The answer to this is simple, just offer them incentives!

By incentives, we refer to offering something that interests and adds value to your proposition.

It can be monetary like offering a high commission like 5-6% of the sale.

So, the overall proposition has to be profitable for you and the real estate agent.

Use Internet Marketing for your house!

Internet marketing is the current platform for selling houses, everybody checks the internet before checking other things like billboards, magazines, newspaper classifieds, etc.

Selling/purchasing real estate is no different!

Sell My Houses Fast Huntsville Alabama

You can get in touch with distant buyers who are interested in buying your house while sitting in front of your computer.

So, here is a list of place you can promote your house:

The first website that you can use for promoting your property is

When you list your house on craigslist, you need to add the location of the house and specify that you are the owner of the house.

Listing your property as the owner boosts your chances of getting the buyer's attention. One thing that you need to make sure is that you upload all high-quality images, and most importantly, you should upload a high definition walkaround video on YouTube. And, it will help your house listing to stand out from others that will help in getting more inquiries from potential buyers.


Another platform that you can use to market your house is the asset column, and it is a platform that has a lot of real estate investors. Most real estate investors buy properties in cash, which will help you to make a quick sale!

One thing that you need to know is that AssetColumn is targeted more towards selling cheap houses that require repairs, so in case if you have some expensive repairs that you want to spend money on, then Assetcolumn is the right platform for you.


Everybody uses Facebook, and thus it is a great platform to sell your house.

One way you can use Facebook is by browsing through Facebook groups, and one easy way is to create a detailed post with all the pictures and videos of your property. Also, you can search for the active real estate agents in your locality using the Facebook graph search feature.

Google and other search engines

Google is the biggest search engine on the planet. Therefore, it has a lot of potential to sell your house quickly. You can list down keywords like, “Sell my houses fast Huntsville Alabama", or, “We buy houses fast Huntsville, when you search for these keywords, you can see all the people who are ranking on this term. Now, you can use strategies using SEO and Google Adwords to make your website visible to the interested buyers.

Now, this might take time, especially in the case of SEO, because it takes time for the websites to rank your website, but when it does, you will start getting more inbound inquiries than ever before.

Real estate Niche Websites

These are the websites that are created for buying and selling properties online. Such websites already have a lot of visitors coming every day. Therefore, this will help you in selling your house faster!

All you have to do is to create an account and list your house with all the details, images, and videos on the website. Examples of such websites are,,, etc.

Go to REIA (Real Estate Investment Association) Meetings Frequently

Now, in case if you do not want to give out any commission to a real estate agent, then this can help. Attend all the real estate investment association meetings, as there are a lot of buyers that attend these meetings, so it is an effective way to market your house directly to your potential buyers.

Sell your house today for the right price!

That was our blog, and I hope that this article helps you in your house selling journey!

We at Veritas Buyers are always there for help, where we put all our efforts to help you in selling your house faster. We are based in Huntsville, Alabama, and we want you to get the right price for your property as soon as possible.

Therefore, we have developed a 3-step buying process, where we schedule a no-obligation consultation, then we propose a fair cash offer that excludes any fees or commission.

Then, if you like our offer and after accepting it, we will issue a check or pay in cold hard cash!

We pay you immediately, and you have sold your house successfully at the right price.

Once again, we hope this blog helped you, and in case if you want to sell a property in Huntsville, Alabama, then you can contact us, or you can call us at 256-488-4055.

We are always here to help you!

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