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Do Those We Buy Houses Signs in NJ Lead To Legitimate Businesses?

James Anderson

January 30, 2021
We Buy Houses

It may not be for everyone, but it can be useful for people stuck in a predicament. These companies buy houses a little bit under market value, make needed fixes, and sell the home for a profit.

If selling the property on the traditional market is not a viable option, this can be a suitable way for the sellers to relieve themselves from the obstacle of having to sell the house. 

How Do 'We Buy Houses' Companies Work in New Jersey?

Buyers from the We Buy Houses in Nj companies look for sellers that are in a state of distress and interested in selling their home below the traditional market value in exchange for a fast and easy selling process.

When a seller shows interest in selling their home for cash, they'll arrange a time for the buyer to see the home. The buyer estimates the value of the home and creates a no-obligation offer for cash. If the seller takes the offer, the buyer then prepares a buyer's contract with no real estate brokers or commissions involved.

Wholesalers make money on the spread between what they pay the seller and the buying price they discuss with the investor. The spread varies a lot.

Wholesalers have been around already for a long, and it is a big business. You will see their signs around and there is a particular allot of " We buy houses in NJ" signs in Mercer County NJ.

Three Benefits Wholesalers Pitch To Potential Sellers

No need to clean

There will be showings even though some wholesalers claim they don't need to see the property. Serious investors won't buy a property without seeing it. Wholesalers exploit the commonly held belief of the consumer that a house must be in good shape to list on the multiple listing service (MLS).

While many houses listed with a real estate agent and marketed on the MLS are ''ready for moving in'', properties are successfully bought and sold daily in as-is condition on the MLS.

Skip the costs of selling

Wholesalers tell sellers that there is no need to pay the same costs they would when selling through an agent. That's not entirely true. Because when sellers sell through wholesalers, they pay to sell costs by taking less than the property's market price.

A real estate company usually charges a commission of 6% to professionally market and sell a house. Sellers often pay higher assignment fees when in a wholesale deal.

Usually, these companies mention that you won't pay real estate commissions, but in fact, sellers net more by hiring a listing agent majority of the time.

Agents could sell the home for more than the home's fair market value. You won't probably get this with a fast-cash buyer.

These buyers will profit even more when charging a commission. Most won't charge commissions because there's such an intense conflict of interest, and they do not want to get sued. 

Get your cash much quicker

Wholesalers claim you can get paid much quicker than you would when listing your home on the open market. But in reality, wholesale deals can, in fact, take more time than normal transactions.

The assignment contract gives the wholesaler the right to find a buyer for a specified time.

We Buy Houses

If they don't, they walk away. In this case, the seller can lose days of marketing the property on the MLS where it would've been seen by tons of buyers, who even have the cash to buy and are ready to get started renovating the property. If you want to sell fast, then 30 days can be a long time for you to find out they will back out, and you will be right where you started.

You may need to specify the timelines or be fine with what could happen due to the contingencies. In this case, the real estate attorney can be beneficial. Not only can they notice a lousy contingency plan, but they can help you understand the contract, which will prevent the buyer from renegotiating the deal.

The type of homeowner in New Jersey

There are various reasons to choose to sell to a We Buy Houses in New Jersey company. In most cases, the seller can't sell the home and is looking to close quickly. If a family member suddenly passes away and you say " I need to sell my house fast in NJ", someone might fast inherit a house but not have the motivation to fix problems and put it on the market.

If a home has damage, a homeowner may want to sell for cash to avoid significant repairs. Divorced couples can benefit from selling the shared home through a We Buy Houses in NJ company. An unfortunate financial situation might lead someone to sell their home to get cash and make ends meet.

Most sellers feel stressed and overwhelmed, and that's why these companies help take the weight off their shoulders by making the process more straightforward.

But what happens if you don't find a buyer to take on the contract in NJ?

You need to watch out for a contingency in the contract that allows the wholesaler to back out if they can't find a buyer before that date.

This limits the wholesaler's risk but is something you need to be fully aware of because of risk; you won't get the cash as fast as you hoped or even at all. Let's say you expect to have some money in less than a month; the wholesaler doesn't get a buyer and backs out in 24 days. In this unfortunate case, you are left with the property.

If you work with a wholesaler and they find a buyer to take over your contract, it should not cost a seller more money when assigning the contract. This is an example of where you want your attorney to help you guide you through the process.

Are We Buy Houses Companies in NJ Scams?

If the sign has only a phone number, it might be a shady New Jersey cash home buyer. A lot of these numbers are routed through Google Voice or other services that make them untraceable.

If they have a company name, you should easily access client reviews when you look for them online. If a business doesn't have anything to hide, you should find information about the business owner and their business with previous clients. If a company has done deals for a long time, you can find credible reviews online.

Most reputable We Buy Houses in NJ companies are featured in different media outlets. The company's website should have client reviews, although you have to remember that these reviews are sometimes biased as the company chooses them. If the business shows on Google search with a valid address, there should also be numerous company reviews through Google.

Looking at a company's Facebook is an excellent way to see how much business they've done and if most business interactions have been positive. If you can't find any information about a company online, it may be a scam and you should stay away. 

House Buying companies in New Jersey should have done enough business previously to have enough cash in their account to purchase the home. Like in any industry, there will be scams and people looking to take advantage of you.

If you want to sell a home fast for cash in New Jersey, it's best to know which companies keep your best interest in mind and operate ethically. Companies worth your trust use cash already sitting in their account to buy a seller's home. This cash is often from previous properties they've flipped.

We Buy Houses Companies in NJ aren't for everyone.

Often sellers want to work with a "We Buy Houses" company because of a financial situation where cash is needed, or they want a stress-free process. This path sure isn't for everyone. It's vital to know your needs when selling a home before deciding to sell to a company that buys houses or selling on the market.

All We Buy Houses in New Jersey companies aren't the same; many operate differently from others, and some will try to take advantage of sellers. Make sure to do the required research and make sure to trust your intuition. If something feels off, get clarification. Contracts shouldn't be signed if you're unclear on anything being said.

Sadly, many companies have sneaky ways to get out of a deal. If someone had a negative experience with a "We Buy Houses in NJ or  Mercer county" company doesn't mean that they all have that reputation. Many companies have an office, a qualified team and will get the house sold in only days.

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