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How To Choose A Roof Color For A Brick House?

James Anderson

September 6, 2021

Figuring out how to choose roof color for a brick house can be a difficult decision. It takes a lot of time and effort to decide which colors will look good together, but the overall appearance of your home depends a lot on the roof.

When you observe your roof's shingles, you may not see that your roof's tiling is made up of so many different color tones. Making sure you choose one or two of those undertones from your roof's current condition, is vital to blending your roof with your exterior paint color.    

The roof also depends on your home's architectural style and many other factors ranging from energy efficiency to neighbor happiness.

Choosing the wrong roof color can be a costly mistake that you will probably have to live with or spend a lot of money repainting. 

This article will reveal everything you need to know when choosing the roof color for a brick house.

Why is roof color important?

At this point, you may be wondering why your roof color really matters so much. If you keep the water out of your home, isn't that enough? Well not really, although this is very important of course, the color also matters.

Next, we will explore one of the major aspects that will contribute to your decision on How to Choose a Roof Color for a Brick House?

Key Fact: Your roof is referred to as one of the most important fixtures on your home's exterior because it's a permanent fixture. It's detrimental to consider your roof's color and undertones when choosing your color scheme.

Energy Efficiency

The color of your roof affects your home's internal temperature as it is exposed to direct sunlight and therefore potentially becomes a big heat absorber to your house.

So, the color you choose for your roof can alter the temperature in your home by several degrees.

However, light-colored roofs, keep cooler and are suited to warmer climates. This may mean energy costs could be reduced for cooling your home or building.

While darker roofs in your brick home will absorb heat and could increase cooling costs in the summer. Adequate ventilation will help with this, but color plays a role.

What Factors Do You Need to Consider?

Different Colored Roofs, Black, Grey And Tan.

Figuring out what roof color is the most suited to your house style is not as easy as you may think. You need to answer the following questions before deciding on the color to choose.

  • Must the roof match the brick?
  • The style of your home
  • What to do if the bricks are multicolored?
  • What are the dominant colors??
  • Where do you live?
  • What is the color cast?
  • What is the best time to roof a brick house?

If you can answer these questions, it will equip you with the right information on how to choose roof color for a brick house instead of doing some guesswork or picking a color randomly.

Must the roof match the brick?

No law says your roof tiling must blend with the brick's color or your house trim. But obviously, it won't look as appealing as it should if you are not careful when coordinating your chosen colors. Ultimately, if you go on to sell your property, it can affect the rate and value of the home, if not properly matched.

As the owner of the house, beautifying a home is to allow you to increase its value.

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The style of the home

The style of your home is very important for choosing a roof color for a brick house. For example, some home styles would not look appealing with a metal roof and may benefit from traditional shingles to compliment the house design.

Houses constructed in a standard architectural style will normally look best with a classic color palette.

Farmhouse styles always look best with a black roof or dark brown color. Your decision will usually be determined by the trim's color, pillars, and doors.

Bear in mind: These points are just guidelines that can help you form a rounded decision on your roof color to create a nice-looking exterior, but they are not set rules so feel free to explore different color schemes and styles.

What if my brick is multicolored?

Picture Of A Driveway And Brick House With Pale Grey Roof

Multicolored bricks cause a lot of confusion when homeowners are choosing their preferred type of brick.

You must be conscious that all roof bricks/tiles have an original base color, although the overall look of the brick appears to be multi-colored. This is often called the dominant color.

Choosing your brick color is important, however, it is not the only factor that should be considered in your choice of color. If only the brick's color is considered, the final look of your roof may not be ideal.

Your color palette will be influenced by the design of your house, the type of finish on your roof, as well as what's trending.

What are the dominant colors?

Dominant colors hold their hue despite its surrounding, so no matter what other colors you mix or pair with a dominant color, the color will always remain slightly visible.

This type of color will always push through and be easily seen in whatever design you choose, which explains why some colors tend to show up vibrantly while others are quick to fade.

Primary colors are the most dominant because they cannot be created by joining other colors together, like red, yellow, and blue.

Using trim colors or in-trend colors

If you are planning on changing or repairing your roof because of damage, and you have no other plans to replace anything else or repaint any part of the house, then you should look for the exact trim colors in your home.

Not everybody desires to have a fashionable house or to stick with the latest trends, but each era brings different popular colors.

Usually, the trends from a particular period tend to stick around and there are set colors that are used frequently.

Tip: Picking out neutral colors like tan, buff, white, and grey are great colors for roofing.

Where you live

Your home's location has a vital impact when it comes to finding the answer to how to choose roof color for a brick house.

The geographical location and condition of our climate play a significant role in figuring out the color. Simply this is because certain environmental factors such as cold or hot weather, make a difference to your indoor temperature depending on the color you chose.

For instance, if you reside in a hot, humid climate that attracts heavy downpours of rain, you should go for a darker shingle that blends well with the brick type and may even help to hide black streaks.

Shingles contain a chemical that can help to prevent algae formation and streaking. However, that does not mean that algae and streaking won't eventually occur as the roof gets older and outdoor elements cause wear and tear.

Remember: When picking darker-colored shingles, they will absorb more heat. Therefore, in summer periods you may rely on your air conditioning facilities which may increase your bills.

What is the color cast?

Pink Exterior House

All bricks have a base color, and all the other colors on the brick are based on the original base color. When put together, they add a level of depth and detail to your overall homely look. There are six fused colors seen on each brick.

Although the brick is multicolored, the base color must be recognized and considered before choosing the coating and the color of the shingle.

Most base colors are considered to be neutral colors and can be combined with almost any other color. Out of the six fused colors, two of the color cast options are not neutral and will need to carefully match them.


It's the most common color cast, but it is currently losing its popularity. The red brick color scheme is not complex nor easy to match it is somewhere in the middle. Matching this color with the items you already have in your home could be an easier way to help you pick a color.


Black and brown color casts are very versatile tints. You can make a very dark shingle or a light shingle and keep your home coordinated and beautiful without having to worry too much about color options. This brick color will probably be more important to match the shingle with it, as anything can go with these colors.


You may think that you haven't seen a pink house, but they are extremely common. These are the houses that, from the street, look almost a salmon-type color but it is a pink brick mold. The color schemes that look best with this brick color would be those in the grey family. Nothing too dark and nothing too light.

Tan / Buff

Tan or buff is a top trending brick color because the new generation of homeowners are loving neutral hues. Best of all, you can combine any shingle color with this base color. What matters most is making sure you coordinate the shutters, trim, pillars, and doors with the roof's color.

White / Cream

This is something that has gained momentum as the agricultural movement has become extremely popular. This is a clean, bright look that really works with cedar shutters and pillars, as well as a brown-toned shingle. It can also look great with black covers and accents. The color scheme is very flexible, and the owner can customize it to suit their taste.

The most suitable time you can roof a brick house

Different weather periods throughout the year will provide you with the best possible results so it's vital to know which periods are preferred.

Understandably, this concept may not enter your mind when trying to reroof when it's a matter of urgency due to damage. But if you are replacing a roof because it's old-styled then waiting for the most suitable time of year would be more beneficial.

These are basic tips that must be adapted to your location and climate. This may also vary from year to year since the weather is unpredictable.

In a particular year, the spring can be cool and dry, making it a great time to replace the roof, but there may be high chances of rain most days in the following year, so it's necessary to be quite flexible.

Early summer / Late spring

Early summer or late spring is generally considered the best period in a year for roofing a house says Markus Benton roofer at Milwaukee-based roofing company Modern Roofing Milwaukee. Generally, this is because the likelihood of heavy rain downpours is low in most locations where top temperatures have not been hit.  


Fall is another season that is favored for getting a roof replaced. This can be a better period of the year for the country's southern locations because the weather would be cooler, and the rain may not be as regular as in spring and winter.

However, some states could be experiencing snow, so the usual features of this period of the year may not apply there.


There are many vital points to consider when choosing a suitable roof color for a house made of brick.

Note: If you are going to work on your own house then make sure that you know the dangers of DIY roofing projects.

Factors from brick color, home trim color, and architectural style to current trends, color options, and climate conditions can widely vary the approach you take. It is advisable to weigh all the highlighted factors to get the right colors.

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