The Dangers & Disadvantages of DIY Roofing Projects

Richard Latimer

March 24, 2021

That certain level of satisfaction and self-confidence you derive from safely executing some household works can be said to be immeasurable. Especially when you can successfully handle the repairs of those essential home elements.

The feeling you get from this success can be so overwhelming that you could even feel the need to take on a more advanced project like; the roofing system of your house. While some people may just decide within themselves, that the roofing project is one they can carry out, probably due to the perceived high cost of employing the services of a trained roofer.

However, it is imperative to know that the installation and repair of a roof is a delicate project that poses great dangers, if not done by a licensed roofing contractor. And these dangers can even cause some damages, which will eventually lead to more expenses.

Whether you are in New Jersey or Pennsylvania you need to seriously rethink before you climb up on your roof and try fix it yourself.

We are a cash home buying company and we buy houses in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Alabama. One of the most common issues we have with the properties that we purchase is a leaking roof. We have our own professional team of roofers that fix these roofs.

Many times, you might be trying to fix your roof because you don’t have liquidity and you might be buried in bills. There is always an alternative if you can’t afford to fix your roof (a new roof could run you from $10,000 to $20,000). You can sell your house in order to escape the overwhelming debts that you are experiencing. The problem may be that your house will not pass an inspection and therefore you can’t sell it on the traditional market.

That means that you would have to sell it to a “We Buy Houses” property investment company, like us. If you would like us to make a fair cash offer then fill out our form.

We put together a blog post to illustrate the dangers of DIY roof repairs. If you have a construction background, then doing your own roof repairs will be easy enough. If you are an average DIY type of person, we strongly advise against it!

Highlighted below are some of the dangers involved here.

1. Improper Repairs

Fixing a damaged roof is a project that requires extensive knowledge and technical expertise. This knowledge involves; ascertaining the degree of the defect and using suitable tools and equipment for proper repair. And the improper repair of these roofs leads to more severe damages, which better imagined than experienced.

Save yourself from these troubles by simply hiring a professional roofing contractor, since they must have undergone a series of training and have resolved similar issues before.

2. Nullified Warranties

Interestingly, many roofing companies today provide their products with certain protections and warranties, which ensures that the company bears the cost of damages and also that of labor.

As amazing as this sounds, the very moment any form of work is done on the roof by you or an unqualified person, the roofing company can decide to revoke the warranty that came with the roofs. And this makes you the one to bear the brunt of any resulting damage of the roof.

3. Safety Issue

Before a roof can be properly installed or repaired, you will need to go up the building by climbing a ladder or even scaffoldings, to perform the task. This may look easy, but truth be told, if you haven’t been adequately trained in this field, you could fall off the roof and end up with a severely injured body. You don't want this to happen, do you?

4. Poor Quality Installation

Some people who have decided to install roofs on their buildings all by themselves, ended up living with so much regrets. And this is because the roofs got easily displaced by high winds. Significantly, this could be due to the use of unsuitable joining processes or incorrectly performing a joining process.

5. Time Wastage

When your roof needs urgent attention and your safety is compromised, seeking an experienced and reliable roofing contractor is the way to go. Doing it yourself brings uncertainty and wastes more time. A team of expert roofers will be able to inspect your roof fast, provide a comprehensive solution, and restore your property to its original state.

Ultimately, a licensed roofer can expertly complete a new roof installation in a shorter time frame than any amateur can. As a result, you don't have to waste your time, money, and energy. Contact an experienced contractor now!

6. Excessive Spending

Professional Phoenix roofers have the advantage of purchasing premium quality supplies at lower prices than the average consumer. Besides, buying the roofing supplies yourself could mean that you will be spending more to get lesser quality materials. Instead, why not partner with a trusted and reliable roofing contractor to achieve better results at a budget-friendly price.

So What's More?

Remember, these are just a few out of the numerous dangers that could likely encounter. Other underlying hazards could even lead to loss of lives and properties. In consideration of all these threats, you should employ the services of a licensed roofing.

Now, let's look at the reasons you should hire a local roofing contractor for your roofing projects.

Top Benefits of Hiring a Local Roofing Contractor

As a building contractor successfully raises a building structure past window level, next goes the budget set aside for the roofing system. It wouldn't be a delight if the successful efforts of the builder aren’t crowned well enough for a taste of perfection. Besides, as a building owner, isn't the overall beauty of your building, the primary goal of having one in the first place?

Regardless of how this may sound to you, a team of experienced local roofing is just right for the job. You might want to know why? Just like experience gives a great understanding of a scenario, so does the perfection attached makes it epic.

The exclusive benefits of such a decision is the rapid response involved when local roofers are contracted for the job. This is due to their nearness to your building, the love they have for their community, and also recommendations for a satisfactory job.

Their level of accountability can, without a doubt, be compared to that rare collection of contractors you can get elsewhere. So goes their level of experience and the number of jobs handled overtime in the vicinity.

Join us as we do a quick run-down on some other benefits you stand to enjoy when you engage the service of a reputable roofing contractor instead of applying the DIY technique.

1. Vast Domestic Knowledge

You may decide to give out your roofing project to a roofing company outside of your area, probably because they offered to do it for you at a cheaper rate. While this may seem cost-effective, such a decision is strongly advised against. Reason being that a local roofing contractor will definitely be more familiar with the local weather and also have the basic knowledge of materials best suitable for a particular roofing project to ensure the durability of the roof.

2. Swift Response & Unparalleled Support

The roofs over your building are an essential part of the building. As they offer immense protection over the building. While this is so, they are also predisposed to certain degrading dangers. Some of these dangers include; high wind, increased temperature, hail storms etc. that could arise unannounced.

While the effect of these threats may call for some worries, you will still get to bother less, bearing in mind that you've got a roofing contractor at your beck and call to begin a quick repair process immediately after any crises.

3. Proximity to Labor & Raw Materials

Your choice to go for a local roofer is a well-informed one when you decide to consider the easy access to suitable raw materials within the vicinity. Therefore, for a roofing process to be swift and smooth, there must be an adequate supply of raw materials. And this can be easily achieved by simply opting for the service of a licensed and insured roofing contractor in your location.

4. Warranty & Accountability

Most reliable roofers offer a quality guarantee of 5 to 10 years. Let's face it; what happens when the external contractor you hired for your project is no longer in town? Consequently, working with a local roofing company with ties to the community guarantees that you receive instant support and enjoy your full warranty if anything goes wrong.

The Takeaway

A trial they say will make you long for more, but in a case like this, I guess a trial with conviction would do the job. Experienced local roofing contractors are mostly recommended for jobs of such nature, as the previous and updated knowledge coupled with their knowledge of building codes and concern for safety doesn't dabble in their little transparency. Thus, an excellent job near perfection comes out at the end.

If you are looking to find a roofing contractor near you check out directories such as this. The best way to find a good contractor is just by typing into Google "Roofers near me". Then look at their websites and check out their Google Reviews. Usually, if they are not a good company, people will tell you about it online in their reviews. This is called "Social Proof".

If for whatever reason it may suit you better to just sell your house then contact us. We will give you a fair market price and pay in all cash. You can close quickly and move on with your life. If you are located in Huntsville Al, contact here. For New Jersey or Mercer County and for Philadelphia or Pennsylvania.

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