Can An Executor Sell Property To Himself In 2020?

Can An Executor Sell Property To Himself

The role of an executor can sound complicated at first, what is an executor really, and can an executor sell property to himself? It is emotional and challenging to experience the death of a family member or loved one, specifically when it comes to sorting out property and belongings left in a Will. Although this […]

How much are closing costs in Alabama?

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When buying a home, you will find that the down payment is not the only thing you have to pay. Closing costs also need to be paid. Even though many buyers are aware of this, they are often surprised at how big the bill is. These costs can easily shock you, as they come at […]

Who Are the Cash House Buyers in Huntsville, Alabama?

Who Are The Cash House Buyers In Huntsville

Many people sell their Huntsville houses for different reasons, some of which are; the house is too small, new job or transfer, unsafe neighborhood, financial reasons, and the need to upgrade to a more expensive residence, etc. Whatever the reason, if you urgently need to sell your house fast in Huntsville, Alabama, selling to a […]