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We Buy Houses In Boaz AL

Do you need to sell your house fast in Boaz? Both the Seller and Buyer must benefit in a real estate deal. We eliminate the middlemen and put more cash in your pocket!

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James Anderson

Boaz, AL
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A New Way To Sell Your House Fast in Boaz, Al

We have re-invented the stuffy traditional real estate process. By eliminating the middlemen, we cut out realtor commissions, closing costs,  and market preparation costs. 

Think of it this way, if you are hiring a contractor to repair your house it is much more expensive than our crew doing those repairs after we have boughten the house. We pass those savings unto you.
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In Any Condition

We buy houses in Boaz in as-is condition. Leave the renovations to us!

Don't worry if your house is in bad shape or needs to be cleaned. 
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No Fees No Fuss

The traditional real estate market is a hassle and comes with hefty fees.

We bring you a process devoid of the typical fees and the headaches that come with listing on an MLS.
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Sell Your House Fast

Our process allows you to close on your house as little as 7-days. 

By skipping all the traditional bureaucracy (seller/buyer contingencies)

Meet Your Homebuyer

James is the representative for the State of Alabama.
Hey my name is James. I am the person you will meet if you sell your house to us in Boaz

On the traditional market you could list your house with an agent and wait weeks or months for someone to make an offer. 

Instead, you could receive a no-obligation,  complete cash offer from Veritas Buyers within just 24 hours!

Keeping your house in a  show-ready state is demanding and stressful for you and your family. 

What is even more stressful is the perspective that the interested buyers might want your house but in the end they might not qualify for a loan. 

They may negotiate for a contingent offer that you cannot meet if your house has fallen to disrepair.
Why go through all that? We created our business because we realized the traditional market doesn't work for everybody.  

We skip all the sale contingencies by making an as-is all cash offer. We purchase houses in Alabama and fix them.  

So don't worry about cleaning, we can take care of that for you. 

I will walk you through our easy 3-step process and guide you during each step. 

Our goal is to reinvent the old, stuffy, traditional way of selling your house to better suit your needs. 

Customer experience is our top priority. Welcome to future of real-estate!

James Anderson of Veritas Buyers smiling on a transparent background
James Anderson the CEO of Veritas Buyers

How We Buy Houses In Boaz, Alabama:

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We Come to Your House

After you have chosen a suitable time we come and check out your house and assess it based on the condition, comparable market price, and location.
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We Give You Our Offer

After our assessment we crunch some numbers and find a beneficial price that suits both of us. We call, email, or mail you our offer.
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You Walk Away With Cash

If you like our offer then you decide a suitable closing date. Once we have okayed the paperwork you hand the keys and we hand the cash.

We Are Cleaning Up The Neighborhoods One House At A Time

front of a beautiful family house with a gray roof and white walls surrounded by a green lawn and trees after renovation by Veritas Buyers in Alabama.
Our renovations bring tremendous value to the Huntsville community by increasing property values by fixing up the neighborhoods one house at a time. 

Our goal is to help distressed homeowner sell their houses faster and easier while serving the community of Huntsville.

 Although we are based in Huntsville we consider any property address in MadisonMarshallLawrence, Limestone, and Morgan Counties. 

How We Bring You the Most Value

Sell To Us

No Sales Costs


No Realtor Fees (Save up to 6%)


Immediate Cash Offer


No Listings Or Open Houses


No Stress


Traditional Route

High Sales Costs


Realtor Fees up to 6%


Months of Uncertainty


Listings And A Number of Showings




Are Any of These Situations Relatable?

If you have found yourself in the situations below then you know that the traditional home selling process does not work for you. 

In many cases you just need to sell fast and move on with your life. We have helped many customers in these exact (and common situations). 

With our home selling process 2.0 you will notice that our process will fit your life situation like a glove.

Sometimes we enter into a mortgage and everything looks good until it turns into a nightmare. (Learn more on how to get out of a mortgage here

If you are in one of these positions then you don't want to just abandon your house or leave it vacant to squatters because it may become a condemned house.
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Inherited Property and Probate

You and the beneficiaries are looking to sell an inherited property and move on. Here is what can go wrong with inheriting an property.
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Stop Foreclosure

Foreclose is a nightmare of financial strain and legal issues. Work with us to stop the foreclosure
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Sometimes the divorce process is held up when you need to sell your home. Selling your house the "traditional way" can take months, we can buy you house in days!
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Nightmare Tenants

Sometimes your relationship with your tenants take a turn for the worse. Selling your house to us is the easy way out! An eviction process is tiresome learn more here.
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Too Many Repairs

If your house needs extensive repairs and you don't have the extra cash to get the house on market then we are here to help!
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Did you get an awesome job offer in another state or serve in the military? There are many reasons people need to relocate and have to sell quickly.

More on Selling your House Fast in Boaz, AL

Each of Boaz's zip codes, 35957 and 35956, features a slightly diverse housing market. Based on the condition of the local housing market, we buy houses in Boaz for the best price.

Avoid the extra work and stress of selling a home the traditional way by using our 3-step procedure and selling to us instead. If you want to sell your home quickly in Boaz, Alabama, what benefits may you expect to see?

Selling expenses, Real estate agent commissions, and other fees

Did you know that selling your house in Boaz, AL, can be costly? Expecting a profit from the sale of your home is reasonable, but you should also budget for the costs associated with selling it.

By going the FSBO (For Sale by Owner) route, you can save yourself 5%-6% of the sale price in real estate agent commissions. As there are legal ramifications, you should exercise caution when selling the residence on your own.

At Veritas Buyers, you don't have to worry about long waiting times to sell your house. We buy your house as-is without third-party fix-and-flippers to ensure you get good sales proceeds.

Some of the costs you would expect to avoid are:

Staging and landscaping costs: Depending on how far you want to go, these costs may be roughly $100 to $1000. The better you stage and prep your home for sale, the higher your chances of finding a quick buyer.

The average cost for basic and intermediate landscaping services is $4 to $12 per square foot. An all-out makeover, including professional landscaping and renovation, can easily exceed $40 per square foot.

Realtor commissions: If you sell your house for $250,000, you should expect to pay realtor fees of about $12,500.

Renovation costs: The typical price range for a home renovation project is between $15,000 and $200,000, according to This depends on whether it is a partial or complete renovation.

Holding costs: Holding costs vary depending on how long your house will stay on the market. You must keep your home in good shape as listed for the sale duration. 

How can I sell my house fast in Boaz, Alabama?

We may be the ideal solution for you if you need to sell your home quickly and have a limited timeline. To avoid the inconvenience of having your house sit on the market for months, we offer you a quote in as little as 24 hours. 

Key Hiramine greyscale in review

"Veritas is one of the few local direct cash house buyers in Huntsville. Richard has helped me on more than one occasion. Kind and caring people. They are highly professional and people of integrity! They do what they say they will do."

Kay Hiramine

portrait of Ben-DeCoudres on a white background. Review.

"I want to give Huntsville Home Buyers six stars, but google won't let me. Richard and team treated me like family. They were very professional and the transaction was easy. 
Highly recommend!"

Ben DeCoudres

portrait of Daniel Peng on a white background. Review.

"I called Veritas and to my surprise, I received a fair offer. I'm out of state and did not even need to fly to Huntsville. When I had questions, Richard always made himself available. If you want to sell your house without hassle, call this company."

Daniel Peng

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Sell Your Home To Boaz 
No. 1 House Buyers

We understand that it can be a very tough decision to sell a house that you may have lived in for a long time. The traditional house selling process doesn't take your feelings into consideration, for example, a open house just to have people parade through your house and invade your privacy.

Our house selling process 2.0 was specifically designed for you and people in your situation to keep your privacy and dignity intact. We promise that our process will serve you well and your customer journey will be excellent.

So, don't. worry about cleaning up before contacting us because we don't expect you to. We are excellent around little children and animals so you can be feel safe that you are inviting true gentleman when you schedule your free consultation.

Ready To Move Forward And Sell Your House?
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