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5 Ways to Stage Your Bedroom for Maximum Buyer Appeal

James Anderson

November 28, 2022

Staging the bedrooms was found to be the second most important for 43% of homebuyers who participated in the research run by the National Association of Realtors Home Staging. The report showed that it came after living rooms (46%) and before kitchens (35%). Bedrooms mean a lot to most homebuyers.

They aren’t simply a resting place after a long, hard, or tiring day. It’s also a soothing respite from modern life’s hustle and bustle and a retreat from all the world’s stresses.

If you’re looking for ways to one-up the fierce real estate market, start staging your property’s bedroom now. Here’s a chock-full of tricks and tips to rally your bedroom staging in a hurry.


Clearing up clutter has always been the first step. Sure, potential homebuyers might have their own mess in the future, but what they imagined isn’t a cluttered home. Thus, make their picture-perfect imagination close to reality by decluttering your bedroom.

The rule of thumb is to declutter two-thirds of bedroom items that distract from the room itself and leave the remaining one-third inside the room. Excess things are usually useless knick-knacks and out-of-season clothes or decorations.

Remember to keep some character in the room. A clean, simple, and minimal decor is enough for staging a bedroom.

Leave Simple, Modern Furniture

While bedroom staging, the room should at least have simple, modern furniture, such as one dresser, nightstand, and clean lines. Also, place a statement headboard for an added wow factor (yes, even if it’s just for looks). If there’s still room and if possible, add a nightstand on each side of the bed, place 1-2 matching dressers, and some chairs.

Tidy Up

After organizing things, it’s a given to spruce up immediately. Don’t just pick up and clear surface clutter. Instead, wipe down all mirrors and windows, dust curtains and light fixtures, and clean up every nook and cranny of your room. Make sure the bedroom is spotless from top to bottom.

Use Fresh, Crisp Linens

When remaking your bed, replace the old bedding with fresh, crisp linens. They always leave an ultimate cozy and homey feel. But if you can’t get new ones, make your bed in a magazine- worthy way. For example, white bedclothes coupled with a pop of color from quirky throw pillows or blankets usually do the trick.

Additionally, choose bedding that’s much bigger than the bed size for an oversized cloud-like feel. Complete this look with 2-4 regular-sized pillows and four additional throw pillows. Remember, for any bed size, never exceed eight pillows. Otherwise, the bed will look cluttered.

Brighten Up Space

Any bedroom shines with good lighting. Draw your curtains and open the blinds! Most plant- lover and potential eco-friendly buyers will immediately get smitten by naturally lighted space. However, if they’re night owls, be sure to offer solutions for them to have a restful sleep in the daytime.

If privacy is a concern, opt for sheer curtains with other curtains on top that can be drawn sideways.

Place Mirrors

Mirrors don’t only bring sophisticated shine but also deepen, elongate and expand the bedroom. What happens is that when mirrors reflect lights and spread them across the room, the process makes an illusion of a wider, airier, and brighter space.

Taking advantage of the mirror’s light-reflective properties is an affordable way to enlarge the bedroom without taking up too much visual space and making dull walls chic and cozier.

Place Area Rugs

Another way to enlarge your room and make it look more put together is by strategically placing area rugs. Choose an area rug with a color that comes with a different color and texture from your existing carpet. The style should be modern and home-like to your buyers.

Hide the Wires

When someone unfamiliar with your home is wandering around, exposed wires can be dangerous to them. Plus, it can also leave a bad impression on homebuyers. So be sure to hide them. Using neutral-colored and heat-proof cord covers and boxes are recommended to ensure a safe and effective way of hiding wires.

Home Staging and Insurance Considerations

If your property is in bad shape, it has to be remodeled before you can properly stage it. But
before proceeding, contact your insurer first and inform them about any addition or home improvement you plan to make. Remodeling can increase your property’s value, so your home insurance will change with any remodeling work.

Most policies require at least 80% of a property’s replacement value, so confirm your home value and whether you need to increase your coverage limit before remodeling. The property’s estimated price will also affect the homebuyers or renters insurance cost.

Final Thoughts

Staging a home on the market influences a homebuyer’s decision and home-buying process positively. It could sell properties 6-10% faster and increase the sale price by up to 50%. If you think staging your way will make things get out of hand, it’s always advisable to seek professional help.

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