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15 Best Places To Live In Alabama In 2022

James Anderson

October 20, 2020

In every state, there are places that are considered the best to live in, and others that are considered the worst.

While what constitutes a good place to live depends in part on opinion, there are many factors that are taken into account in official rankings.

There are many good places to live in Alabama but what are the best places to live in Alabama?

Some of these factors include neighborhood security based on crime rates, cost of living, the lifestyle the neighborhood has to offer, and employment and leisure opportunities.

Based on various livability factors, below are the top 15 best places to live in Alabama in 2020.

1. Huntsville

Center Of Huntsville Alabama Bridge Over Water Best Place To Live In Alabama
Scenery Like This Makes Huntsville The Best Place To Live In Alabama

Huntsville is a city located in Madison County and recognized as one of the best places to live in Alabama. Huntsville is without a doubt one of the safest, fastest-growing, and friendliest cities in the country.

Corporations such as NASA engineering and the Redstone Security Arsenal are located right here in Huntsville, promoting impressive technological advances and security of paramount importance, not to mention a friendly atmosphere.

Life in Huntsville offers residents a dense suburban atmosphere, and most residents own their properties with acres of land, safe neighborhoods, and academic schools.

Both renting and buying properties in this city are affordable, and there is a wide range of work opportunities.

If you're looking for an amazing place for friends and family, exciting innovation and academic excellence, an outpouring of creative art, historic sites, beautiful scenery, fresh farm produce, wide-open spaces, crime-free zones, and a breath of fresh air, Huntsville is the place to be.

This is what makes Huntsville the best place to live in Alabama!

2. Madison

Madison is a city situated in Madison County, close to the northern boundary of the state of Alabama. Locals often mention that they like how culturally and ethnically diverse Madison is.

In addition, there are many job opportunities in the area due to the fact that the Redstone Arsenal military base is just around the corner. For those in the engineering industry, it's rarely better than Madison.

There is a wide range of housing available at affordable prices, and the cost of living is relatively low. This is a great place for families to stay, as there are several outstanding schools in the area.

Living in Madison is also fun, as it has lively nightlife and plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy in the city. In terms of entertainment, being surrounded by the fast-growing economic hub of Huntsville has a lot to do with your choice.

But between rainbow mountain and the top-notch local farmers market, you won't have to leave Madison to have a good time. This is why Madison is one of the best places to live in Alabama!

Best Places To Live In Alabama
Farmers Markets Make Alabama One Of The Best Places To Live

3. Vestavia Hills

As for the suburbs of Alabama, nowhere is there a place like Vestavia hills in Jefferson County, an outcrop of the city of Birmingham.

This safe suburb has all the charm you could wish for, with the added bonus of an open, friendly community whose members will be happy to meet you.

It is worth noting that Vestavia hills offer its citizens many open spaces for family recreation, participation in sports events, and social events.

In addition, this is one of the safest places in Alabama, so you don't have to be afraid of every step you take. This place is also excellent for families as GreatSchools gave Vestavia hills schools a score of 9 out of 10.

Housing in this suburb is diverse, ranging from low-cost family homes to luxury homes for those on a higher budget.

Children Holding Hands In The Safest/Best Places To Live Vestavia Hills Alabama
For Families, Vestavia Hills Is The Best Place To Live In Alabama

4. Mountain Brook

Best Places To Live In Alabama
Vestavia Hills Is One Of The Best Places To Live In Alabama If You Want Space And A City!

Northwest of Vestavia Hills and slightly closer to the Central business district of Birmingham is the Mountain Brook area.

Although it is quite close to the business district, the area still has a suburban feel, as opposed to the hectic city.

Housing prices are higher here, given the proximity to the city center, but the houses here really offer excellent value for money. Large, spacious homes with extensive gardens to match.

In addition, Mountain Brook is noted as the best suburb for raising a family in all of Alabama and being the best school district in the state, it's not hard to see why.

Of the six schools in the mountain brook area, half received a Blue Ribbon award, offering parents tons of choice.

It is a quiet area with a relaxed lifestyle with the 3rd lowest crime activity in the state and many nearby jobs.

Another privilege of this place is access to the best places in B-ham, such as the Vulcan Park and Museum. Mountain Brooks is one of the best places to live in Alabama if you want to be near the business district!

5. Homewood

Homewood is a small neighborhood located between Mountain Brook and Vestavia Hills with a population of 25,595, but it is a more affordable option, both in terms of property prices and cost of living.

If you rent a property, you will find that the property is available at prices that are comparable to the national average.

Given that the majority of the permanent population of the majority of people live in rented homes, suffice it to say that potential tenants always have a wide choice.

Housing prices mean the area is popular with young families who are taking their first steps on the property ladder and want to live close to work opportunities. Homewood is also the 2nd most populous city in Alabama, so you know you'll never run out of action here.

So if you are wanting to buy your first home, consider Homewood, in Alabama, it is the best place for new families.

6. Hoover

Hoover is 6th on "the best places to live in Alabama" list!

If you want to be close to Birmingham but want to live without being in the hustle and bustle of the big city, then perhaps the small town of Hoover is worth a little thought.

This city is also located in Jefferson County. Home prices here are on the same level as Vestavia Hills and Homewood but with the benefit of living next to the exciting Oak Mountain State Park.

Oak Mountain State Park Beautiful Lake Best Places To Live In Alabama
You Can See Why We Have Added Hoover To The Best Places To Live In Alabama!

The people of Hoover are not rich, but they are not struggling to survive, and it is safe to say that the residents live comfortably.

This place is family-oriented and has very good schools in the area, especially convenient to live in because of its location - you are within walking distance of major highways and motorways and everything is easily accessible.

There are endless restaurants and entertainment venues, as well as a huge shopping center 'The Galleria' and many other popular stores. If you are looking for convenience and a middle-class life Hoover may be one of the best places to live in Alabama

7. Auburn

Auburn is the 7th on "the best places to live in Alabama" list!

Auburn, in Lee County, is the most affordable of our best places to live in Alabama to date. Auburn has a low cost both of living and housing, which makes it popular with families.

Education is one of the key factors that make this place one of the best places to live in Alabama, as it has outstanding schools. The area has plenty of amenities and a decent selection of entertainment to enjoy in your spare time.

Here, where Auburn University is located, activities such as sporting events, numerous delicious meals, and shopping in the city center are popular. Many local businesses operate within the city limits, providing numerous employment opportunities and a diverse population.

In addition, Auburn is also an ideal hub for passengers traveling to Montgomery, Birmingham, or even Atlanta. Low-cost housing makes Auburn one of the best places to live in Alabama.

8. Indian Springs Village

Indian Springs Village is eighth on the list of "best places to live in Alabama".

Being a suburb of Birmingham, Indian Spring Village is a bit misleading in its name, as it is most likely an urban village. Being home to just 2,500 people, this area is definitely like a village, as the people are friendly and welcoming.

Renters may find it pretty hard to find a property in Indian Spring Village because only 5% of people live in rented properties, and the vast majority of residents own their own homes.

This place has a rural atmosphere, so it is ideal for those who do not want to live in the city center and want a more peaceful life. It is great for families, as public schools have a high rating, and is also popular with retirees.

There are many parks and restaurants in the area, so there is a good choice of ways to spend your free time.

House In The Wood Near Water Best Places To Live In Alabama
If It Is A Quiet Life Your After Then Indian Springs Village Is The Best Place

9. Fairhope

Fairhope is the ninth contestant on the list for "best places to live in Alabama"!

Let's take a trip to the Gulf Shore to our 9th best city in Alabama, Fairhope. The average age of Fairhope residents is 44, making it one of the oldest cities on this list.

Jetty Ocean Sky Best Places To Live In Alabama
Do You Like Walking The Boardwalk?

Depending on your priorities, this can be a positive or negative point. However, life in mobile Bay is a positive for everyone.

Who wouldn't enjoy shopping and strolling down Fairhope Avenue, grabbing a pint at a local brewery, and then catching a gorgeous sunset from the pier?

However, it is worth mentioning this; Fairhope is among the most expensive cities in Alabama, so you can make sure you have a job that pays well before you pack your bags.

But Fairhope, in our opinion, is worth every penny. Obviously, people agree, because Fairhope is one of the fastest-growing places in Alabama.

Safe streets, better schools, and a job market that works for everyone-it's hard to put a price tag on all of this. This is why Fair hope made our "best places to live in Alabama" list.

10. Daphne

Number 10 on the "best places to live in Alabama" list is Daphne!

Another area to consider is Daphne, as this place ranks high in many categories. One of the best features of this area is education, so this area attracts families.

It also has excellent facilities, good job opportunities, and a wide range of properties to rent or buy.

This is usually an affordable area to live in, and the crime rate is low. Daphne is a small town with a population of 25,960, according to the 2017 census.

It is located on the East coast of mobile Bay, so it is best suited for those who prefer coastal locations. This also means that there are opportunities for outdoor activities and there are beautiful views of the bay and delicious seafood.

Seafood On A Plate Best Places To Live In Alabama
The Seafood Makes Daphne One Of The Best Places To Live In Alabama!

So if living in a bright, young city is a priority, Daphne can make a great choice.

11. Trussville

Next on our list of the best places to live in Alabama in Trussville, a suburb of Birmingham. GreatSchools gave public schools in Trussville an average rating of 9.5 out of 10, so you know you're giving your kids the best start if you live here.

This level of excellence extends to all aspects of life in Trussville. There, the rate of residents with health insurance is one of the highest in Alabama.

Let alone that most people in Trussville are far from poor and the city has a high average family income. Another beauty of the area is Cosby lake Park; trails for hikers and bicyclists, an abundance of bass and catfish, and an abundance of delightful picnic spots make it a local favorite.

Man Fishing At Lake Best Places To Live In Alabama
If You Like To Bass Fish, Trussville Is On Of The Best Places To Live In Alabama

12. Helena

Helena is another Birmingham suburb that is on our list of the 12th best places to live in Alabama, and deservedly so. If property prices are one of your main concerns when choosing a place to live, then Helena is one of the most affordable suburbs.

The cost of homes with a low average price will definitely please your ears. Despite Helena's suburban character, it doesn't have the typical rabbit warren as the properties are diverse and most are separated from the outside space.

Being such a small community, you won't be surprised to hear that there is a very low crime rate; this may be due to the character of the middle-class residents.

There are good transport links to Birmingham, where there are many opportunities to work. In addition, it is a great place to gather families and friends to come and enjoy food, festivities, and local shopping.

13. Pelham

Pelham is the 13th best place to live in Alabama!

Even though Montgomery is the state capital, many people are drawn to the areas surrounding Birmingham, and one of them is Pelham.

Pelham residents can enjoy the suburb's proximity to the city's work opportunities and urban lifestyle while enjoying the community nature of suburban life.

Pelham is home to a wide range of people from all socio-economic backgrounds, as housing is more affordable than in Vestavia hills. Located South of the village of Indian springs, Pelham is a safe community with a low crime rate. Overall, the standard of living in Pelham is high.

14. Alabaster

And the 14th contestant on our "best places to live in Alabama" list is Alabaster!

Alabaster is a city and southern suburb of Birmingham. This is a perfectly affordable area, and as it is located so close to Birmingham, there is no shortage of services or work opportunities here in the business center.

There are many shops, cafes, and entertainment venues in the surrounding area that are always on the lookout for staff. Furthermore, the area can offer housing that is relatively inexpensive. The Alabaster community also strongly believes in family festivals, the Christmas spirit, the arts, and local business awareness.

Every year, alabaster hosts the city's festival of music and arts for the whole family. Besides, there is almost no traffic that can delay your commute time; however, you may run into a train or two.

15. Calera

The last on our "best places to live in Alabama" is Calera

By no means the worst place to live in Alabama, but rather completes our list of the best places to live in solid form in the suburb of Calera. Calera is a city that covers Shelton County and Chilton County.

Although renting a property in this region is expensive, buying a house is incredibly inexpensive. Therefore, most people in this city are homeowners. Families are drawn to the area because the 38 public schools mean there is plenty of choices.

Many of the schools offered are outstanding. Calera has a low crime rate and an excellent standard of living.

We Hoped You Liked Our "best places to live in Alabama" List

It was our goal for you to decide for yourself what are the best places to live in Alabama. Our "best places to live Alabama" list was made to help people who are considering moving to Alabama and buying or renting a house.

We are in the house buying industry ourselves so we try to help out other people trying to buy a house as much as possible.

We buy houses in Huntsville and around Alabama and fix them up to be resold. So, if you need to sell your house fast for cash in Huntsville, Al or statewide then feel free to reach out to us!

If you are looking for things to do in Huntsville then we got you covered!

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