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Which of the Following are Common Maintenance Procedures for Home Fitness Equipment?

James Anderson

May 7, 2021

Which of the Following are Common Maintenance Procedures for Home Fitness Equipment?

The average gym user may not realize just how much it takes to keep the gym clean. And it's only after you get a home gym, whether with just a few dumbbells or actual machines, that you see just how important its maintenance is. One of the most important responsibilities in taking care of a gym is, you guessed it cleaning it. According to the American Council on Exercise, even a little bit of preventative maintenance in the form of cleaning can maintain the gym to be a safe and productive environment.

Key Insight: Gym equipment maintenance is extremely important for the longevity of the machines

Two Types of Gym Maintenance

There are two main types of gym maintenance: corrective and preventive. Corrective maintenance is mainly concerning machinery as it requires the expertise of gym equipment technicians. It also means you will have to contact the manufacturer of your machine for the promised after-sales service, including gym maintenance.

Preventive maintenance, on the other hand, serves as a preventative measure to avoid any problems which could arise in the future. Additionally, it helps extend the life expectancy of all equipment, therefore giving you a certain return on investment. This is the type we will be focusing on in this article as, you guessed it, it is the one done by you the owner of the equipment. Now, let us get into how to maintain your gym equipment at home without excessive costs!

Key Insight: Corrective maintenance is usually for specially trained individuals while preventative maintenance can be performed by the owner or caretaker of the piece of equipment

Which Of The Following Are Common Maintenance Procedures For Home Fitness Equipment?

Firstly, Wipe-Downs Ideally After Each Use

This is the most common maintenance task, and you should therefore beware that antibacterial wet wipes will be your best friend from now on. Wipe-downs should be performed multiple times per day, depending on the frequency of use.

Alternatively, you can also use a clean rag and water-based disinfectant, in case you have those lying around at home. However, a little warning with this strategy be careful not to spray too much disinfectant into the air, as an excessive amount could harm your natural state of airways and subsequently lungs.

The best strategy is to spray the disinfectant directly into the rag before wiping down the surface. Whichever of the two techniques you choose, the effect will be the same, namely the prevention of the spread of communicable illnesses through viruses and bacteria, according to a Club Industry report. This is because dirt, dead skin, rust and lifting chalk collect on the surfaces over time, and that is not to mention the fact that gym weights can carry over 300 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.

Therefore, it's crucial to get rid of this and at least once per week use the antibacterial techniques mentioned. And ultimately, as little as antibacterial wipes or spray and rug will make your home gym a much more pleasant experience.

Key Insight: Use antibacterial spray and a clean rag when wiping down the equipment

Lubrication of Resistance Machines

You might have not known this, but resistance machines actually have moving parts that must be lubricated on at least a monthly basis. The best way to apply the lubrication needed is again with the use of a rag and this time silicone. Spray the silicone directly into the rag and apply it to the weight tracks. Additionally, you should always spray the silicone into the bearings and move them around a little afterwards to make sure they can move freely and without any tension.

Lubrication of Cardiovascular Machines

Most cardiovascular machines, such as treadmills, are actually self-lubricating. This means that all you need to do as far as its oiliness is concerned, is checking the reservoirs and filling them according to the manufactures' instructions.

The Additional Work on Treadmills

Treadmills are one of the most popular machines for weight loss training, so we simply must cover their maintenance in this article. As mentioned already, their first thing to keep in mind is their lubrication.

For cleaning, the same wipe-down technique can be used. The last important factor in the life expectancy of a treadmill is the engine so do not forget to check it often enough sometimes it is even recommended to check it after every use.

Why though, you may be asking yourself? The reason is simple to check whether it has not overheated. It will almost always be hot, but if it is burning, you should consider its placement it may need further ventilation. Sufficient ventilation does not only prevent overheating, which may stop the engine from working but even if this does not happen, will inevitably shorten its life expectancy.

Key Insight: Check out your treadmills engine in order to ensure that it is not overheating!

Maintaining Your Indoor Cycle

Once a Month Inspection for Wear and Tear

Usually, when a machine is broken, you will obviously notice while you're working out. However, some issues may not be as obvious. Because of this, it is important to check the proper functioning of your equipment.

Further, you might actually be preventing an increased chance of injury! In general, all you need to do is look over all the various equipment and check for cracks, bends, etc., that shouldn't be there.

Additionally, do not forget to inspect the various weld points on the machines for cracks as a result of aging or wrong usage. A particular focus should be given to cables and resistance bands, if you own any, as they are likely to cause injury if broken down.

High-quality aircraft-rated cables should not experience too much wear down within the first one to two years, but later the chance increases and additionally, there are no guarantees. The best strategy to check the cables is to inspect them starting at their various attachment points, then visually examine them along their entire length, paying particular attention to parts of the cable that make contact with pulleys. The same technique applies to resistance bands. If any of your equipment is broken, check with the manufacturer, if applicable, for a refund or an expert repairment.

And if not applicable, remember that it is always better to simply replace the equipment, whatever it may be, then continue using an, even if only slightly, broken one and by implication increase your chance of injury.

Key Insight: Do a visual inspection on the equipment monthly

Is Home Maintenance of Your Gym Equipment Really That Important?

The answer is simple yes! Properly maintained equipment is likely to have a higher life expectancy and additionally minimize your chance of injury, and that simply is worth your time and money. This. is not to mention, that it is actually also really easy to do, not time-consuming and if the techniques. mentioned in this article are used, also really cheap!

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