What are the worst months to sell a house?

Richard Latimer

May 7, 2021

What are the worst months to sell a house?

Like many other things when you sell your house is as important as every other factor. It can influence how fast and at what price you will sell your property. In this article, you can find the best and the worst months to sell your property. Comparing how the house is selling in all four seasons.

Ignoring the myths about the success of sales in the spring and summer here we will compare how the market goes in each season:


The best one of the three summer months in June and the worst one August. Due to the summer break while all the kids are home and it is time for family trips the market is at a standstill. If you don't put your property for sale till the end of July and the beginning of August the chance to be stuck with the left houses from the spring sales is high. During this period, the competition is fierce and you will have to make sure your house looks

What Are The Worst Months To Sell A House?


All of the autumn months are good for selling but the best one is October. Those three beautiful months have always been great for the market. The competition is a little bit less than in the spring. Don't wait until the last moment to make your announcement because after October the market dies.

What Are The Worst Months To Sell A House?


The market is great during spring except around the Easter holidays. In that time the houses look their best with their bloomy gardens and the time predisposes the buyers. A minus is that with the growing numbers of buyers there is growing competition too.

What Are The Worst Months To Sell A House?


The winter is a very poor season for sellers. The best month for selling is February. But on the other hand that can make the sellers more negotiable and it can make the winter a great season to buy.

What Are The Worst Months To Sell A House?

When to sell different types of properties?

Believe it or not, the various types of properties are selling differently. It depends on what people are looking for in different seasons.


Most often searched by first-time buyers & young couples. The best time to sell is in
January, February & September

Family homes

Most often searched by the second steppers planning to have kids or the ones who already have them.
You better sell outside of school holidays
Christmas holiday: 19th Dec (’17) – 5th Jan (’18)
February half-term: 12th Feb – 23th Feb

Easter holiday: 1st Apr – 13thApr
May half term: 28th May – 3rd Jun
Summer holiday: 13th Jul –6th Sep
Autumn half term: 19th Oct – 31th Oct
Christmas holiday – 21st Dec (’17) – 7th Jan (’18)

💡 Key Insight: Selling a family house? Avoid selling during school holidays!

Bungalow & retirement homes

The best target is elderly downsizers. Avoid selling between the end of Summer and the beginning of Spring.
Reports show that the sales are lowest during the coldest months. Most specifically October and December.

The stormy weather and the new school years have a big influence on the market. Through the winter season, there are many holidays, and buying a house is not a priority for most people. You still have a chance to sell during the winter. Just like the sellers, there are buyers throughout the whole year. Some people put on sale their house after New Year, hoping on the new year resolutions like '' new year new me'', but the truth is that the market doesn't start going up until the middle of February.

If you come to market in its lowest stage for example in December your property will look aged by the time the majority of customers do come back into the market around February.

💡 Key Insight: Wait till around February if you plan to sell in the winter

The best day to sell a house?

You heard it right, there are better days to sell your property. The best day to sell is Monday and the worst one is Sunday. Studies show that the properties that are launched on Monday take 176 days to be saved, and the ones on Sunday tasks 213. Of course, you can sell any day you choose. Just keep in mind that if you want fast success you better not do it around holidays or important events.

💡 Key Insight: Take Sunday off when if comes to selling your house!

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