Ways to Get Out from a Mortgage You Can’t Afford

Ways To Get Out From A Mortgage

You enter into a long-lasting commitment once you sign on the dotted line for your mortgage. It can outlast the house itself or the owner. Planning and approval from the lender are necessary to sell a home and get out from under a mortgage. If you like to read about financial topics on real estate […]

Tax Tips for Selling Your House in Alabama in 2020

Photo Of Money And Taxes Sign Tax Tips For Selling Your House

Selling a home is a major life change. Maybe you are moving into a bigger house after you have outgrown your starter home, or you are downsizing when your kids go off to college. Or perhaps you are purchasing a house in a different part of the country as a result of a new job. […]

Expert Tips for Mortgage Refinancing Q&A

Expert Tips For Mortgage Refinancing Q&Amp;A

Why is it important and smart to compare rates and shop around for lenders carefully if you plan to refinance? Anyone thinking of refinancing their house should talk to a minimum of 3 lenders before locking a rate. The difference between the best loan terms and worst loan terms means that over the lifetime of […]