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Best Real Estate Agent in Huntsville AL

James Anderson

September 22, 2022

The housing market in Huntsville is more competitive than average. Huntsville's real estate market is hotter than ever, with more people looking to buy homes than ever before, drawn by record-low mortgage rates.

Residents and brokers alike have heard tales of bidding battles that have the potential to drive property prices up by more than $30,000 over the asking price. Even for people who aren't in the market for a new place to live, the prospects for finding an affordable rental remain dim.

If you're looking to purchase or sell a home in the Huntsville area, a seasoned real estate professional can be an invaluable resource. You need to find the best real estate agent in Huntsville AL, among all the options available.

Commercial property agents

House Model

Commercial real estate is any building that serves as a place of business or employment rather than a residence. In the simplest terms, it is any piece of property that may be used to make money, either through sale or leasing.

Property owners can increase their income by renting out their commercial space to companies.

Any property used for commercial purposes, from a single storefront to an entire retail mall, falls under this umbrella term. If you need an agent to help you with commercial real estate transactions, here are the five best.

  1. 1. Bert Hubbell

Bert Hubbell provides around-the-clock service, is flexible, and is easy to reach. Along with his colleagues at Green Real Estate, he has closed 144 residential and commercial property transactions.

  1. 2. Blake Cantrell

Blake, originally from Huntsville, has been an agent full-time since 2005. Eighteen years and 776 residential and commercial listings and sales later, he is an expert in the field.

  1. 3. Rachel Weiss

Rachel Weiss is a licensed real estate agent in the North Alabama area. She has been in the real estate industry for five years, with expertise in both homes and businesses.

  1. 4. Jennifer McDaniel

Jennifer McDaniel has been with eXp Realty LLC Northern Branch for 15 years and has closed 177 transactions during that time. These include buying, staging, and listing the properties.

  1. 5. Diana Rios

Diana Rios is a Huntsville native and an integral part of the RE/MAX Alliance crew. She deals with both residential and commercial properties, and she speaks both English and Spanish fluently.

Residential property agents

A Key And House Model For Best Real Estate Agent In Huntsville Al

Land that is zoned for residential use might range from single-family homes to huge apartment complexes. Many real estate agents focus solely on this niche market.

  1. 1. Amanda Howard

By combining expert market knowledge with unparalleled customer care, Amanda Howard Sotheby's International Realty skillfully matches buyers with sellers of luxury homes. It doesn't matter if you're selling your first property or are downsizing from a residence; they tailor their approach to meet the unique needs of each customer.

  1. 2. Darrin Hasley & Associates

Darrin Hasley, an agent with Capstone Realty, provides comprehensive concierge services designed around each client's specific needs to make the home buying or selling process easy and stress-free. The team's familiarity with local and national market trends, in addition to their years of expertise, ensures that their clients always feel supported and well-informed.

  1. 3. Bert Hubbell

Bert Hubbell of Green Real Estate is a long-time Alabama resident. Bert has the ability to juggle multiple responsibilities and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

  1. 4. Samantha Walker

Samantha is known for her persistence, determination, honesty, fairness, and efficiency in meeting clients' requirements. She stresses knowing the industry, using the latest technology, and having many resources to deliver the greatest service.

  1. 5. Becca Travis

Becca's strong understanding of the Huntsville real estate market and her ten years of experience as a realtor made her the ideal candidate. Besides English, Becca Travis is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish.

Most experienced real estate agents

Sale Pending... Sold

There are many perks of hiring experienced real estate agents. They can help you with complex real estate transactions and selling multiple properties.

Real estate agentYears of experienceSpecialties
Rosenblum Realty Inc47Buyer's agent, listing agent and property management
Danny Owen38Listing agent, buyer's agent, local or long-distance buyers and sellers, single family residences.
Bob Gifford36Buyer's agent, listing agent, foreclosure and staging
Kathy King30Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent, Relocation, Staging
Sarah Lauren27Buyer's agent, listing agent, relocation and consulting

Most active real estate agents

Real estate agentRecent transactions
Matt Curtis Real Estate519
Amanda Howard331
Sahara Embry197
Samantha Walker135
Rebecca Lowrey Group129

Real estate agents that are actively working in the industry maintain relationships with the most qualified service providers in the area and stay current on market trends. If you need help pricing a property or you want to sell or buy a house quickly, they are the ones to go for.

Highest transaction volume

Sale Closing
Real estate agentListings and salesSales in the last 12 months
Amanda Howard5528331
Matt Curtis5473519
Mike Manosky125765
Rebecca Lowrey Group1132129
Samantha Walker102185

In the real estate industry, the term "Total Sales Volume" (or "Sales Volume") refers to the total dollar amount of properties and lots sold by an agent or company.

If a salesperson or team is successful in closing several deals, they will have many examples from which to choose. These real estate professionals stand out due to their extensive background in the industry and their work with a wide variety of properties.

If you want the best results, go with the agent that has closed the most deals.

Agents for Buyers

Buying a home is a huge commitment, and there are many factors to think about before finalizing the deal on the place you will spend the majority of your life. You need agents that are experts in this field to make sure the sale goes smoothly, and you get the greatest price.

To find the most qualified buyer's agents, we considered how often they have worked in the area recently. A willingness to negotiate a lower price or allow you more time to make a decision are two signs that a buyer's agent is serious about getting your trade.

Agents for Sellers

Real estate agents that are good sellers have excellent listing descriptions and consistent photographs. They have a skill at convincing sellers to accept modest discounts and high asking prices while purchasing real estate.

They also have reviews highlighting their eagerness to go above and above for business deals. The top 5 sellers in Huntsville include:

Agents for Short-sales

In real estate, a "short sale" refers to a transaction in which a financially troubled home is sold to a buyer before foreclosure is initiated. You should be well-versed in all aspects of a short sale before committing to one.

A short sale transaction is significantly more intricate than the usual sale and may entail significantly more danger. In case you need to short-sale your home in Hunstville, here are 5 top realtors for the job.

Agents for Foreclosures

The foreclosure procedure can be initiated by the lender if the homeowner falls behind on their mortgage payments. After a foreclosure, the lender usually takes possession of the property and tries to sell it.

The reason for this is that when you take out a mortgage, your home is put up as collateral. There are agents in Hunstville that are specialized in selling foreclosed homes.

Most reviewed and recommended agents

Shaking Hands On A Deal
AgentReviews and recommendations
Matt Curtis163 reviews, 815 recommendations
Amanda Howard94 reviews, 37 recommendations
Jerry Bourrell89 reviews, 37 recommendations
Nathia Urban19 reviews, 12 recommendations
Jason L Tiede11 reviews, 1 recommendation

The best way to know the best local real estate agent around you is to get the views of the locals. Even when working with a new agent, regardless of where they worked before, it is important to get the reviews of the previous clients.

In Hunstville, these are some of the most reviewed and recommended agents, according to

  1. 1. Matt Curtis

Matt Curtis Real Estate, Inc. is equipped with a skilled team that ensures your satisfaction whether buying or selling your home. They have experience of over 14 years of dealing with first-time home buyers, investors, and new construction.

  1. 2. Amanda Howard

At Amanda Howard Sotheby's International Realty, they experience buying, listing, and negotiating your transactions, among many others. The region's greatest properties are represented by AHSIR, which does so with extraordinary competence and the help of innovative technology.

They provide their customers with unrivaled secrecy, safety, swiftness, and effectiveness.

  1. 3. Jerry Bourrell

With over seven years of experience, Jerry of the Guardian Real Estate Group is dedicated to helping you find a home. The group is veteran-owned, which includes certification as a Military Relocation Professional.

  1. 4. Nathia Urban

Part of Kielty Realty, she is well-versed in the real estate industry to help you buy or sell in the fast-changing market. She is also experienced in house staging to get your house looking good for your potential clients.

  1. 5. Jason L Tiede

Jason is a full-time agent with the North Alabama R. E. Group, Llc, and an active participant in the local, state, and national Real Estate communities. He has been working as a real estate agent for over four years, so you can trust him to help you buy or sell a home.

How these lists were evaluated

There are over 500 agents in Huntsville, AL, each licensed to carry out real estate transactions. To shortlist the best in each category, we have used a combination of agent rankings, experience, and positive reviews, all based on performance.

We examined the following factors when choosing a real estate agent to represent us in a purchase or sale: Proven track record of successfully mediating between buyers and sellers, concentration on one market segment, and one pricing point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to work with the best real estate agent?

Real estate brokers typically provide a free, comparative market analysis (CMA) to help you determine a fair price for your house. A CMA can help you determine how much your property is worth in today's market by comparing it to similar homes that have recently sold in your area.

Selecting three or more recent sales that are comparable to the one being marketed, real estate brokers then modify the prices to account for differences in factors such as location, size, age, and quality. Some of the perks include:
• A quicker turnover
• Competence in the regional market
• The Lowest Possible Price
• The Most Attractive Offer
• Access to reliable service providers and contractors
• Receive MLS updates and previews of new listings automatically

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