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In our blog we cover mainly topics about real estate. Our topics cover a wide range of materials such as general real estate knowledge to more specific topics such as covering the processes needed on how to sell your house fast. Since we are a home buying company in Huntsville Al we have the expertise on the whole real estate process from selling your house to buying houses. On top of this, we write on other topics that promote Alabama/Huntsville as a whole. Meet the voice behind these articles.
March 11, 2022
What is a Variance in Real Estate?

The real estate sector is growing and will continue to grow due to technological advancements and our ability to construct innovative structures. Being aware of the specific terminology such as sub-agents, steering, or collateral will help you get grips with the real estate world. Consequently, some setbacks must be overcome when trying to achieve a […]

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March 5, 2022
What is a Planned Unit Development in Real Estate?

Numerous developments are occurring daily in the real estate industry. One of the developments is a planned unit development, which you may have heard of or seen advertised or on a billboard. PUD is an abbreviation for Planned Unit Development, but what exactly is PUD in real estate? Planned Unit Development These are housing development […]

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March 4, 2022
What Does Conveyance Mean In Real Estate?

The real estate world opens up a book of several different terms. One of these situations arises when you want to transfer ownership to another individual or entity. When one person transfers ownership or interest in something to another through a written deed, this is known as conveyancing. The granter is the person who gives […]

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